Credit Fix-Ups — Without The Stress

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When you think about trying to repair your credit, do you imagine frustrating phone calls or anxiety-producing letters? You know that you’ve made some mistakes in the past, and you are ready to fix them. But the thought of doing so leaves you frozen in place, your blood pressure rising and a knot forming in your stomach.

Stop right there. Fixing up your mistakes from the past doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Here are some quick facts that will help you fix your credit without tearing your hair out.

Find The Best Card

The saying that “Ignorance is bliss” is completely false when it comes to credit cards. To fix your credit, you need to be informed of all of the options that you have. Fortunately, websites like make this super easy by doing all of the research for you.

If you’ve built up a hefty credit balance over the years, you might look for a credit card with 0% interest rates for the first year, or no fee for transfers within an introductory period and a lower balance than the one you are paying.

Time Is On Your Side

Say your younger, less-responsible self made charges on a credit card and then never paid them off. The credit card company sold your debt to a collection agency, but you still didn’t pay off the debt. You started tossing the collection letters into the trash bin and ignoring the related phone calls.

Typically, bad debt (debt that in collections) will stay on your credit report for seven years before falling off. The amount that the bad debt affects your credit score decreases each year. Initially, your score will take quite a hit, but that softens as time goes on.

It can be a relief to know that your bad debt will stop haunting you after seven years, but that doesn’t mean that you should just let it sit. Instead, become proactive about facing your debt and paying it off.

Take Action With Your Creditors

Many people mistakenly think credit fixes revolve around the credit bureau. This is not the case. The three major US credit bureaus are in charge of collecting your spending data and reporting it to interested lenders. Disputing a negative claim with a credit bureau may be ineffective, and just cause you undue stress. Instead, you need to take action with the creditors themselves.

If you are unsure of the action you need to take, just talk to a credit repair company. They will help you identify the actions that will make the biggest strides towards credit repair.

If you’ve been wanting to fix your credit, but the thought of long arguments on the phone has you all tied up in knots, you can finally relax. There is a way to move forward without feeling the stress of conflict.

Breathe easy and know that time is on your side. Work with a credit repair service that can make the tough phone calls for you. Harness the power of the internet and easily find the cards that will help you reduce your interest rates and build your score.

This post is sponsored by Lexington Law Firm! Thank you! It’s companies like this that allows us to keep this website running.